Minis Wanted

Minis wanted by us, Minis wanted by you. We are one of the largest Mini specialists in the UK and we want to buy your Mini for the best price and we want to sell you a Mini at the lowest price. We have been around for 40 years now and know everything you need to know about minis.

If you browse our catalogue of Minis we are sure you will find the car that you have always wanted. We are sure that you will be amazed at the prices we sell for, but this does not mean that there is anything wrong with the cars, they are all fully working and have been fully serviced before being placed in the catalogue.

As well as a fantastic range of classic and new Minis you will find quads, buggies, PX cars, bikes and scooters.

If you have spot a Mini that you have wanted to take for a test drive then we can gladly arrange this. We are always willing to arrange out of hours meetings for those of you who are too busy to visit during normal working hours due to work or family commitments.

All kinds of Minis are wanted by us here at G.C Motors. No matter what the condition we are always willing to take a look at the motor and consider adding it to our stock, one of the largest in the UK, and sell it on to a lover of the fantastic Mini cars.

Contact us today if you are interested in selling your Mini or have spotted a Mini in our online catalogue that interests you. We are always willing to give you all the information you will need on any of our cars.