1996 Woody

Mini Estate Woody.

We we’re recently offered and consequently purchased a very interesting Mini from or friends at D&D Classics.

This we are informed was a prototype run of just 25 cars Made by a company called QCR Motors of Nuneaton for Rover. The Mini was originally based on the silver Limited edition Equinox from 1996 with the possibility to reintroduce the Mini Traveller (Woody) but the option was never taken up and most that were made went off to the Japanese market.

So what we have is a 1996 P reg Silver Woody that is 1300 single point injection and all relevant 1996 running gear etc, but in the Estate form with the wood detailing to the rear. The Mileage is 13,000, and the last of the 3 previous owners is a celebrity. The Interior is changed beyond all recognition of any Mini interior that we are aware off. The car looks and is Fabulous and having had 1000s of Minis and knowing of lots of History of the car we were unaware of this model ever being commissioned. So instead of buying a 1960s woody that has been restored grab a truly unique and useable classic Mini.


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