"It's Shmee"Mini Cooper Sport

“It’s Shmee” The Tim Burton Mini Cooper.
As you possibly could have seen on Tims Vlog on utube “Shmee150”. He has decided to sell his lovely Mini Cooper as he hasn’t got enough time to enjoy it anymore due to spending much of his time in Germany at the moment.
 So we now have his very clean Y reg 2001 Mini cooper Sport back in stock and waiting for the new owner.
The Mini is a Rover Mini Cooper Sport in pearlescent BRG and silver and pretty much as it left the factory back in 2000 although it was registered in 2001,being a very late reg but alas not a Cooper 500 it was only 22 cars away from being a 500. Now back on the original number plates as Tim has retained his cherished plate. There is plenty of history / MOTs with the car as you can imagine with somebody like Tim,who is very  fastidious about history and condition of any car he purchases so were glad to say this mini meet his high standard.The car has now covered 69,000 miles and still performs faultlessly,Yoko A539 tyres add to the driving experience.Offered at a great price of £12,995.00 

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