Supercharged Mini Cooper Sport (X reg)

This stunning, one of a kind, supercharged Mini Cooper Sport is immaculate inside and out.
It has 34,000 miles on the clock and drives like an absolute dream.
Gorgeous blue paintwork and silver roof with black and silver leather interior, it has all the Mini Sportspack features you’d expect but really does have something special under the bonnet!!
It has been fitted with a new MPi Rover engine, Vmaxscart 265 MPi cam with 2.7:1 final drive in gearbox, Modified Eaton M45 supercharger fitted with stainless inlet manifolds, Emerald K6 ecu with Tech edge wideband control and a chargecooler ‘loop’ system.
We have a file packed full of the history of this car, as can be seen in the photos.
The owner here at GC Motors drives an XJR supercharged Jag and couldn’t wait to have a go at driving this when it arrived, he wasn’t disappointed!! He said it’s every bit as exciting to drive.
This one of a kind car really is worth every bit of the £27,995 price tag!!

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